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Swing Bed Program

Picture of a female Nurse smiling at a female patient.

Dallas County Medical Center is pleased to offer swing bed services for Dallas County & surrounding area residents. Swing bed is a place patients can go as they continue to heal from different levels of acute care while still providing a sense of family & community.

Swing bed is meant for patients who have had at least a three-night stay in an acute care setting during the last 30 days but continue to need support that is unavailable in the home. A few Types of support include skilled nursing services, rehabilitation therapies, inpatient wound care, IV infusion therapy, and end of life care.

DCMC swing bed program strives to help our community reach their prior level of independence following an acute hospital stay. Our goal always is to achieve that prior level of independence in twenty days or less, although some patients may require longer.

Swing bed is predominantly covered by the Medicare reimbursement. Medicare covers all cost at 100% up to 20 days. After 20 days a co-pay will apply. All services are provided on measurable outcomes to ensure the patient receives to best possible care.

As we try to bring the sense of family & community we open all resources of our hospital to our patients and their families.

Patients and families are encouraged to bring patients personal belongings, such as clothes & personal care items, to make the patient feel more at home.

DCMC swing bed strives to provide services that are centered on teamwork, communication, and collaboration. Your care team will work with you and your loved ones on a personalized plan, support your goals, and meet with you on a regular basis to celebrate successes and adjust the plan.

New to DCMC swing bed is Bedside Rounds with patient, family and care team together on a scheduled basis, so everyone understands your plan of care, identifies things that need to be addressed, and plans for a safe discharge.

If you are planning an orthopedic surgery that will require advanced care please call and discuss how swing bed may benefit you!

In house services include:

Private bathrooms with shower
Climate controlled rooms
Television with remote
Comfort Care for terminally ill patients
Respiratory Therapy
Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
In-House ER Physicians
Skilled nursing care
Meals, nutritional screening and much more

Contact our Swing Bed Coordinator Devin Tillman at 870-352-6407 or Fran Fuller at 870-352-6396 for more information.

The Swing Bed Program allows larger health care facilities the opportunity to discharge patients that no longer require the level of care that they demanded when admitted, but are not yet ready, or able to be discharged home. Some professionals consider this as a step down before discharge.

With the qualified staff we can also provide Physical Therapy to post orthopedic surgeries such as Hip replacement/repair, Knee replacement/repair, or therapy for post CVA.

We offer a Swing Bed Program to give patients and their families the opportunity to recuperate in a setting closer to home.

We provide skilled nursing staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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