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Outpatient Therapy

Picture of the outpatient therapy team.

The Outpatient Therapy Department of Dallas County Medical Center is dedicated to assisting our patients achieve their rehabilitation goals by restoring their ability to live and work as normally as possible after a disabling injury or illness. The Outpatient Therapy Department will provide physical therapy to assist each patient in preserving, developing, or restoring maximum physical function. The occupational therapist will provide assistance to patients by contributing to their ability to perform their life roles in the occupations of work, self-care, and leisure. The speech therapist will provide assistance to prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders in children and adults. The entire staff of therapists, assistants, aides, and clerical personnel is committed to excellence in all areas of rehabilitation

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists assist in the recovery and rehabilitation process by helping people gain strength, relieve or decrease pain, as well as providing training necessary to restore functional activity and independence. At DCMC, our Physical Therapy (PT) Staff takes a personal and professional approach to meeting an individual's health care needs. Whether one's goal is to walk independently or run a marathon, our Physical Therapy Staff is dedicated to your well-being. Our Physical Therapy staff sees patients for:

Orthopedic Rehabilitation (post surgical total knee, total hip, rotator cuff repair):
Neurological Rehabilitation (Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's)
Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation (Joint Problem or Back/Muscle Pain)
Pain Management
Industrial Rehabilitation
Wound Care Management
Sports Medicine Rehabilitation (Including BFR treatments)\
Rehabilitation for all ages

Occupational Therapy

Many activities "occupy" our days whether it be waking up and getting prepared for the day, writing a check at the grocery or doing laundry. However, these tasks take on new meaning in the face of major health problems. Occupational Therapists (OTs) and COTA's help people restore the skills necessary for their occupations as well as daily life activities. By utilizing purposeful and functional activities, the OT Staff at DCMC is able to teach people to adapt their environments. Our staff work with people of all ages, with the goal of helping the person achieve independence for whatever it is that "occupies" their day. Our Occupational Therapy Staff sees patients for:

Self Care Re-Training:
Home Assessment/Management
Perceptual/Visual Re-training
Fine Motor Enhancement
Hand/Shoulder Rehabilitation
Contracture Management
Wheelchair Positioning/Mobility
Sensory Integration
Play Skills Development
Rehabilitation for all ages

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapist work with people of all ages from birth - 99, targeting articulation, expressive language, receptive language, cognition, swallowing, and voice.

Swallowing evaluation
Developmental Testing
Memory Loss Treatment
Pediatric speech treatment
Post stroke recovery
Voice therapy
Language treatment
Literacy Intervention
Sensory feeding treatment

You never think about the health care services that are offered right in our community until they are needed. Our therapists at DCMC are well-trained, experienced professionals that can meet your rehabilitative needs in our community. You may have to leave home, but you shouldn't have to leave town! If you feel that you could benefit from our services, speak to your family physician or call (870) 352-6301. We offer convenient locations in Fordyce. We provide inpatient/swing-bed, outpatient, and school therapies.

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