DCMC Auxiliary

Our Mission
We, the members of the Dallas County Medical Center Auxiliary, are committed to assist the Dallas County Medical Center in every way possible so that the hospital may offer the very best patient care to the residents of Dallas County and the surrounding areas. We will do this by volunteering our time to staff members in assistance of patient care, raising funds to purchase needed equipment, etc for the hospital, and granting scholarships to staff members who are seeking higher education which will increase their value to the hospital and themselves. We are also committed to assist in any other way requested by the Hospital/Administrator.

Officers 2018
President - Dorothy Penix
Vice President - Mary Langford
Secretary - Taylor Allen
Treasurer - Venita Ables

Lifetime Auxiliary Members
Agnes Phillips

Honorary Auxiliary Members
Karen Archer
Melrose Bagwell
Mary Berman
Archie Blakenship
Paul Blakenship
Linda Brent
Barbara Finley
Joe Finley
Roselyn Harrelson
Robert Harrison
Ruth Harrison
Marian Hillman
Joe Jacobs
Dianne Ledbetter
Betsy Meador
Lavene Purifoy
Gene Raney
Annie Pearl Rankin
Retired Teachers
Charlotte Stell
Ellen Vineyard
Tom Wynne

Active Auxiliary Members
Venita Ables
Gracie Garner
Phyllis Mosley
Dorothy Penix
Raylene Pierce
Betty Pratt
Wanda Rothwell
Carloyn Williams
Taylor Allen
Erma Watts
Dana Hardman
Sylvia Hornaday
Johnnie Adams
Sandra Beaver
Renea Morgan
Cathy Brown
Georgie Giddens
Kathy Hardman
Edna Jordan
Mary Langford
Janet Post

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