Swing Bed Program

Sometimes it is necessary to require skilled nursing care after a hospitalization from an injury, surgery or acute illness. Our Swing Bed Program allows you to receive skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services while being close to home and having the support of your loved ones. We help you restore your health so you can get back to living your life.


private bathrooms with showers for those patients that are able to ambulate


climate controlled rooms

television with remote

Comfort Care for terminally ill patients

Respiratory Therapy

Physical Therapy

in House ER Physicians

skilled nursing care

meals, nutritional screening and much more

Contact our Swing Bed Coordinator at 870-352-6389 for more information.

The Swing Bed Program allows larger health care facilities the opportunity to discharge patients that no longer require the level of care that they demanded when
admitted, but are not yet ready, or able to be discharged home. Some professionals consider this as a step down before discharge.


With the qualified staff we can also provide Physical Therapy to post orthopedic surgeries such as Hip replacement / repair, Knee replacement / repair, or therapy for post CVA.

We offer a Swing Bed Program to give patients and their families the opportunity to recuperate in a setting closer to home.
We provide skilled nursing staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.