DCMC Physical Therapy

At the DCMC Physical Therapy Department, our mission is to provide quality outpatient therapy to the residents who live in our area. In cooperation with your physician, our professional staff works to return you to your highest functional ability possible. This is accomplished with the experience of caring professionals using current techniques and equipment.

The DCMC Physical Therapy department features an exercise/gym area and four private treatment rooms, two of which are mechanical traction rooms. The facility also includes a separate hydrotherapy room. 

This well equipped and utilized physical therapy department features one fulltime Physical Therapist, one fulltime Physical Therapist Assistant, one full time Physical Therapy Aide, one Occupational Therapist and one part-time Physical Therapy Aide.

Other services offered by this department include:

Acute Injury - Early Intervention and Treatment
Evaluation and Treatment of Musculoskeletal Problems
Whirlpool for Wound and Burn Care
Gait Analysis and Training
Home Exercise - General Aerobic and Strengthening
Manual Therapy Techniques including Upper Body Myokinesthetics
Nuero-Muscular Rehabilitation
Orthotic and Prosthetic Training
Sports Injury Management
Stroke Rehabilitation
Treatment Modalities including Heat, Cold, Electrical Stimulation and Traction
Education and training for Patients and Family Members

The Physical Therapy Department, in conjunction with the Dallas County Medical Center Gift Shop sells BIOFREEZE. This pain-relieving product is available in several forms: roll-on, gel, spray and the newly-arrived wipes.

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